Build Advice Problems with recent build

Jun 18, 2019
I built my new pc two weeks ago and everything ran fine until last night, I booted it up and it started making a horrible whirring noise whenever Im in a game, for example osu or overwatch, for osu once I start playing a song it starts whining and same for overwatch once Im in game (my hdd always beeps aswell if this is any help, no hdd plugged in no beep, hdd plugged in constant beeping). I tried reseating the RAM and GPU, I had a look over my build and noticed the cpu power slot has 12 pins but im only using 8 (not sure if this could be an issue as my psu only came with an 8pin). No built in features or software in my pc come up with anythings wrong when I try to diagnose it (my mobo has leds to tell you if something is wrong with a specific part). So im left wondering what is causing this (maybe a bad psu?), This is my first build and I am really lost). I also checked hwmonitor whilst in game and temps and are fine so I dont think this is a problem to do with overheating. I do have some screenshots of hwmonitor and a video of the noise ( View:
) but I dont know how to post the screenshots. Any help would be much appreciated.

Just ran a cpu benchmark and everything ran fine, the noise only occurs when I'm watching a video or playing games so I think it may be a gpu problem. Ran a gpu benchmark and that was fine. According to my pc there is nothing wrong but the noise is not normal.

Another point is the noise is so high pitch my mum can't hear it but my sister can.

I figured it out its coil whine. Any ideas on what I can do about this.
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