Question Problems with Silverstone fan hub.


Nov 11, 2018
I recently bought the Silverstone CPF 04 fan hub. I need this since I had to replace my old motherboard with the Asus BGM-85, I didn't want to do this but the old one died so I really didn't have a choice. What I didn't know is the BGM only has two fan headers, one for the CPU, one for the case.
My issue is that my fans only run on full blast when connected to this thing (my fans are Noctua nf-f12's.) I tried using the Bios to adjust fan curves which didn't work, and I also tried Speedfan, which also failed. Seemingly nothing I do can stop them from running as fast as they can with the Silverstone hub.
Anyone have a solution, the help is greatly appreciated.


I am presuming your actual CPU cooler is plugged into the mobo CPU_FAN header, and the Silverstone hub into the CHA_FAN header. That Hub also has a cable that plugs into a SATA power output connector from the PSU. You may have a small detail of installation or fan header configuration to adjust.

First item is to check the fans. The Noctua NF-F12 PWM comes only in the 4-pin PWM type according to their website. Please check and verify that all your fan DO have 4 wires coming from the motors to a connector with four holes.

Any fan header can deal with the speed signal coming back to it from only ONE fan. Hence all Hubs will send back to their host header the speed from only ONE of their fans, and ignore all the others'. This has NO impact on ability to control speed. However, it does mean that you must ensure that ONE of your case fans is plugged into the one specially-marked port on the Hub so that a fan speed IS sent back to the CHA_FAN header.

Look at the CHA_FAN header configuration details in BIOS Setup - see your manual, p. 2-34. Check the following settings.
Q-Fan Control Enabled
Chassis Fan Speed Low Limit se to 300 for your fans (this is the trigger for a Low Fan Speed warning)
Chassis Fan Profile Standard so normal automatic speed control will be used

Your manual does NOT indicate that there is any option to choose a Voltage Control Mode (aka DC Mode). But IF you see such an option, do NOT choose that - instead, ensure it is set to PWM Mode.

If you have to change anything, use Esc to get to main menu, then choose the Exit Menu - see p. 2-42. There choose the Save Changes and Reset option to save your new settings and reboot. The normal process is that your fans all should start up at full speed to be SURE they startt, then slow down in about 5-10 seconds as the POST process completes and the real mobo temperatures are measured.
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