Problems with Skyrim (Huge Headache)


May 11, 2012
Having serious issues with Skyrim. I need help! If I install the game and just play on Nvidia's optimized settings (even on Ultra I get well above 40fps), it plays great. If I add in Texture packs (Bethesda's + a multitude of others, overhauls etc) - no problems there either. It is when I pursue different lighting techniques I hit a snag. I have tried ENB after ENB, RCRN and Realistc Lighting with Customization and slammed into different problems.

ENB- While perhaps the best looking, I get MAYBE 5-10 fps with this enabled and my settings turned down.

Realistic Lighting with Customization - Always works great.... at first. For whatever reason after running the game a couple of times, I start to experience lockups (this is a fairly recent occurence).

RCRN - Great looking out doors and no FPS drop. Outdoors looks However when I head indoors, the colors and lighting are so intense that the reflections almost completely wash out any defintion from my tex packs. However, like I said, no FPS drop.

That being said, I know how to edit the Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini and have a basic understanding of what a few of the settings do. I am also going to be tossing on my 3rd clean install of Skyrim so that if I do get help I am going in with all the basic (1.5.26) settings and blank data folders (save for the HD DLC from Bethesda). I have also used enbseries.ini's and fx files. I have tried a few preset Skyrim.ini's and SkyrimPrefs.ini's with varying results. I feel overwhelmed and realize I have tapped my seemingly very limited knowledge on the subject.

I have installed the current drivers (296.10) for the 550 Ti card from Nvidia. I have also tried using the Beta Drivers (301.24 I believe) and have both installs saved on my comp for easy swapping.

TL;DR: Can't get my game lit correctly with mods, need suggestions, Here is my system and what I know how to do:

MSI NF750-G55 AM3
G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (1600 DDR3)
AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0Ghz (OC'ed to about 3.5)
PNY 550 Ti 192-bit 1gb GDDR5 (have all current 296.10 and beta 301.24 drivers available)
Seagate Barracuda 500gb HDD

-I am comfortable with modding the game and my system.

-I sort of know what Ambient Occlusion is, and am currently under the amateur impression that this has something to do with my color/ENB issues, but I have no real idea.

-I am comfortable with advanced tweaking (.ini files) however am limited in my knowledge of how each setting will work with my comp

-I use nVidia Inspector and currently have all settings to default (have messed with them in the past)

-I have the latest iteration (as of two days ago anyway) of STEP in manual form

Hopefully I have provided everything people would need to help me. I will be happy to provide anything else. Screenshots will be tough as I believe Steam wiped them out when I uninstalled Skyrim last, but I am not sure. (On Work computer currently, will be home shortly) I am open to all suggestions as long as there is help forthcoming.

Thanks in advance!
Hello, first off, I haven't tried any of those mods myself. I would advise to read the manual/description and any comments associated with any particular mod. Cause when you experience severe FPS drops it means the mod is imposing too much work for your hardware, you'll have to try to lower that load by tweaking the settings of the mod. For those that you experience artifacts with, also, pertinent to how each mod is coded and you will have to tinker with the settings/etc.

My foremost advice would be to try to contact the mod creator and see if they are familiar why their mod would be causing such behavior on your system. They may even help you troubleshoot it in view that they'd be able to include the fix in their next mod version.

There's only a few of us here who invest heavily in skyrim, and settings for a specific mod would be limiting the information you can get even further. I'd say look for tekmage and hex!t, them I've seen present the most in-depth know-how on the game, if you don't get a response for them, try sending them a PM asking to take a look at this thread. And as I said already, it's best to go to the source.