Problem #1
I just got Civ3, and I can't play it. It installs without a prob, but when it comes to playing, the intro plays ok, but after that movie is over it comes to a black screen. There is sound and the computer isn't locked, but it's just a black screen. I've installed it on another computer in my house and it's the same music/sounds that play after the intro. I can alt tab but still no video, the monitor still shows it's getting input. i can log off windows and then log back in and i get video back. So far I have unistalled video drivers, reinstalled video drivers, uninstalled direct , reinstalled direct x. Uninstall/reinstall civ3 20 or so times. I'm about to partition the drive, and reinstall win2k... any thoughts before i take the plunge?
Win Media player 7 makes my processor run @ 100%, takes about 96% of it's capacity. I tried anything with it yet cause i almost put a foot through the computer. I womder if the processor is getting a bit warm and the MoBo is dialing the clock speed back a bit? Another reason for me to reinstall the OS

Btw im running win2k pro, first time I have ever had probs with it! and i have been running it for the longest time now. I have a 1.5 p4, with p4ita(or something of that nature) Mobo, and 256mb of memory



Dec 31, 2007
The sequence for installing Win2K can be almost as important as making sure the system has the correct drivers. But those two things are the key for a successful installation that runs without errors.

I always prepare a CD in advance that contains the latest drivers and patching for all the devices in the system, as well as the software. This is because there are devices, for example, like a third-party IDE controller card that need the drivers added during the operating system installation.

This is how I normally install Win2K:

1.) DirectX 8.1 (As of this month)
2.) WinZip
3.) Service Pack 2
4.) Chipset drivers
5.) Ultra ATA Storage Driver
6.) Intel Application Accelerator
7.) Internet Explorer 6
8.) Critical Updates from Windows Update, and the latest compatibility updates + and new Hotfixes.
9.) Sound Card drivers
10.) Video Card drivers and tweaking program
11.) Monitor drivers
12.) Other hardware drivers (printer, scanner, etc.)
13.) Personal software

It might seem odd to wait and install the video card after everything else ... but this minimizes possible conflicts with the sound card. Even if it makes the screen a little difficult to see during the process. But the end result is better.

Chipset drivers:

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As for possible clock-throttling with the P4, you'll be able to find a great deal of information on the subject here:

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Aug 31, 2001
in civ1, the video required a video update so it might be same with civ 3.

u have installed direct x..but have you installed direct x media?

might also be some other video codec u lack right now...not having civ 3, this is only a guess on my part thus far.