Jun 13, 2009
Hi. My computer has severe problems with power and RAM.

It all started when I recently had a problem where my computer broke down. It would not start at all and everything that happened when you pressed power was that after a while the lamp on the back of the PSU started glowing slightly.

I assumed the PSU had broken down completely so I bought a new PSU, a zalman zm600-hp.

I installed it and the computer started but with numerous problems.

1. RAM problems. It only started if I had one of my 1gig ram sticks connected at the second ram slot. if I had both RAM's in, it would not boot. (These are the original RAM that has always worked, at this point all I have done is replaced the PSU.)

1 of the 3 chassi fan would not start, it just twitches slightly and then goes dead.

USB problems. My keyboard and mouse starts sometimes and sometimes not.

Ok, so I asked the support dept at the store and they thought that my motherboard an asus p5b deluxe had also broken down at the same time when the old PSU died (which supposedly happens often according to them).

They recommended that I buy a new motherboard so I do that. New one is Asus P5q-e.

Well, you can imagine my frustration when the problems remain with the new motherboard and is actually worse.

It boots, but only if you have a 1gig ram on the second slot. (The first slot doesn't work on the new motherboard either!)

One of the chassi fan still doesn't work and the USB works randomly it seems, so times my keyboard lights up and sometimes it doesnt.

I really don't know what the problem is. Any advise is appreciated. :(



Jul 26, 2008
Well, if your old PSU blew that can take out any number of parts. SO..... there's no way to tell what's good or bad without thorough testing of everything.

Best bet is to find a friend who has a comparable machine in good running order. Then just put parts into that PC one at a time and see if the problems follow.