Question procesor replacement

Jan 12, 2020
Hello, I would like to change the percentage on Intel i7-9700k or 8700k in a few months but will this percentage be on my motherboard? and will there be a high fps increase in games ?.

My specification:
-intel i5-9400F
-msi z370 sli plus
-g.skill aegis 16gb 3000mhz cl16
-seasonic focus plus 550w
-Msi rtx 2070 armor
Your motherboard can support any 8th or 9th gen processor.
If you buy a K suffix processor, you can overclock for better performance.

How high you can overclock will be determined by your luck in getting a good chip as well as how good your case and cooler are.

As to any fps improvement, that depends on the types of games you play.
If you play fast action shooters, your graphics card may be the limiting factor and you will see minimal improvement.
If you play more cpu centric games such as sims, mmo and strategy games, then a stronger processor will help.

If you play multiplayer games with many participants, then a i7 upgrade with more threads will nelp.