Processor Heat Spreaders - OLD

Correct my if i am wrong and this isnt an issue or anything but whats the big deal with them (and related to P4)? in the Semperon 3400+ article they mention the P4 as the first to use it (as in "Like a P4") - correct me if im wrong but dont Pentium MMX's (~1995!!!!), Pentium 2's, Celerons, and the later tualatin P3/celerons all use them (all Bar Coppermine Intels)? and as for AMD - the K6, K6-2 and 3 aswell - why do all articles say P4 used them first?
all coppermines/180nm versions never had em but ALL tualatin/130nm did - perhaps cause the die was alot smaller, the coppermines were the first from intel not to use em as a desktop variant.


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Lies! I had a PIII 1000EB with a heat spreader!

Intel started putting heat spreaders on Coppermines AFTER they put them on Tualatins. That's right, Intel didn't convert all their plants to Tualatin production at once, they phased it in, and they put heat spreaders on Coppermines in the very last days.

In fact, I still have the box. I kept the box because of people like you, even after selling the CPU. The lid says FC-PGA2 and 1.75v. Now, 1.75v has to be Coppermine. Furthermore, all testing said Coppermine, and it worked in non-Tualatin boards.

Cyrix had heat spreaders too.

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Jun 10, 2005
hmmmm can we get some pics of these older core with these older heatspreaders? and somone email these to the damned THG editor! or fact checker (bribed by intel, or intel employee)
the anual THG cpu charts have pics of them all:

This page says it all - the K6(2) and Pentium MMX processors both with heatspreader designs well before the Pentium 4, and even these cpu's wernt the first, looking back to the previous pages and pics of the first pentium 1's and the K5 both with the classic Gold HS.

Followed by the intel celeron / pentium 2 for slot 1 both with HS
take note the coppermine cpu with integrated cache on die - the coppermines were just about the only series without heatspreaders (and as crashman pointed out the later ones even did)
mendocino and coppermine processors AND THEY EVEN MENTION THE HEAT SPREADER (see the bottom)