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Apr 29, 2011
Hello,can anybody advise me on how to obtain a new product key for windows vista,i had to send my computer away to be fixed and they put on vista for me and told me that i had to activate it with my copy of vista at home but the problem is is that the copy i originally used was lets just say not strictly legal,i am getting the message saying that the product key is out of date,the Microsoft website is totally useless so any help would be gratefully received,
Regards P.N
So they installed the OS or it is still the "not quite Legal" install ?? -- reason I ask is if it is the shady copy there may be changes to it that will cause problems later (some pirated version include other changes (ie. Malware, Keyloggers, etc. that send your personal info back to the person that modified the OS so it would work ) -- So first I'd make sure exactly what the Repair person did (hopefully they completely formatted the HDD and installed a known legal version instead of just restoring the shady one)

That said - best option would be to purchase an OEM windows 7 disk (might as well move to the newer OS while purchasing instead of remaining on VISTA !) and start over - Formatting the HDD and installing the OS to a "Clean HDD" and then installing all of your programs from the original disks to make sure there is no "special additions to your system"
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