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Apr 13, 2004
Hello to all. I am new to these forums, and if this topic is in the wrong place then I apologize. :oops:

On to the subject; I was just curious if Tom's Hardware would present a product review on the Athens Display. I understand that the price range of this particular monitor is way out of my (as well as most everyone else) price range, but then again, so are half of the products reviewed on Tom's Hardware. I was just interested just in case I win a googolplex on the lottery, and could afford a screen with a resolution of 5 kabillion by 12 kabillion. 8)

Anyway, here are a couple links to the site:

I had stumbled onto this site several years ago, and only recently was I able to relocate it. Apparently, this company produces "monster" everything, from monitors, laptops, desktops, to anything else computer related. However, even though all of their products look cool, sound great, or seem amazing, we all know things may not always be as they seem. So the real question is, can this company's products pass the Tom's Hardware test???


Sep 13, 2002
It is, in most cases, highly unlikely that these sorts of companies provide review units for testing in our labs. The economics of shipping and supporting such an action are often too great, and the products too specialized.

If we cannot get a product into our labs, we cannot do much else about it.

So, the answer is, yes, it would be a nice idea. In practice, it is unlikely that it would happen unless the manufacturer was highly motivated.

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