Produt Reveiw for A Home-Use Network Camera

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Feb 15, 2012
I’ve been using a network camera (HooToo HT-IP206) for well over 6 months and have come to realize where it does best & where the shortcomings are, I feel like a need to share with you guys about some information, in case it helps.

HooToo HT-IP206 Reviews –

For the positive part, it’s an inexpensive investment for home use, it works at a lower cost, it allows me to live view and control the camera from just about any browser, and theoretically anywhere; At nights it performs reasonably well with the built-in LEDs and has the useful ability to pan & tilt (advertisement says Pan 270° & Tilt 120°). It has Wi-Fi with WEP or WPA security, making it very easy and secure to deploy in your home. Besides, it can notify me with images via email when motion is detected. So I can then easily view the email on my HTC and check if there’s someone in my house that should not be there. Images can be sent or uploaded to an FTP server, otherwise, it will write directly to a PC that has an IE browser window open to the camera. Also this camera would be the optimal way if you are going to run multiple cameras at one time.

And HooToo customer support has actually been quite good for its camera in this price range. They revert back within 24 hours. They also produce firmware updates on a regular basis should any bug is located.

For the negative parts, where it lacks is the color quality, say the color accuracy - This is a night camera, namely no IR filter inside the system so some colors may actually come out a little different during the day. For example, a black jean or pant on the sofa will come out as light blue, and red may come out as little bit gray. However, It’s very normal for lower end cameras not to have this feature.

Conclusion: As to a surveillance camera at this cost, HT-IP206 has a lot of features that are actually worthy a trial. But for anybody looking for a high-end super HD image camera, this is certainly not the one.
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