Question profile to switch between 60 and 240hz


Nov 21, 2017
Trying to figure out if theres a way to make it so my monitor automatically switches between 60hz and 240hz, 60hz when not in game, and 240hz when in game. I had an issue with my monitor about a week ago where I thought it pretty much died, it would just flicker like crazy even when I didn't have a display cable plugged in just the power on the splash screen. I let it just sit for about a 4-5 days then I noticed by mistake that it was working again. Regarding my question, I wanna know if there is a way to switch between 60hz and 240hz automatically like a profile or something? I think when I leave it at 240hz for too long 'the whole day' it starts to flicker again like it did before it just wouldn't show an image at all. I'm gonna rma it but I plan on waiting until the big rush thing thats going on rn with all of the delayed shipping. Just wanna know if the profile thing is possible.

The card is a gtx 1080ti, and the monitor is an acer predator xb273

I know my monitor is the issue so please refrain from trying to trouble shoot my monitors issue and just focus on my question about settings up the profile. If the monitor still has issues without any hdmi, or display cable yes its bad.
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