Question Program specific issue or hardware issue?

Mar 17, 2021
I have been trying to troubleshoot this for a while now and need others opinions. Ever since December, I have had rendering issues where I get lines that cycle through my screen as well as persistent frame drops of 30+ which get annoying while grinding because my screen often stutters every 5-10 seconds. Here is an example as to what is happening View:
(my CPU and GPU temperatures and usages are at the top in the middle of the screen). These issues happen no matter if I'm playing on remastered or lowest/optimal. Here are my specs: and I built the PC in July of 2019.My drivers are up to date, I've attempted to patch files in both Steam and in their new launcher, and I even reinstalled the game. I've already tested out other games that are near the same level of demand as Black Desert Online such as The Division, GTA V, etc. and had no issues what so ever. I was having worse issues in December when I had gotten a mini fridge and had it plugged into an outlet close to my pc, and it caused the monitor to flash black for seconds at a time. I had moved the fridge to the other side of the room and I assumed it had fixed the issue, as my monitor was not flashing black anymore, but again, it was only happening when playing Black Desert Online. Would anyone know what may be going on? Does/did anyone have this issue? What would be the best thing for me to do?