Question Programms start crashing after a few Hours of PC Use

May 19, 2020
I already asked this on reddit but i eventually gave up after a week of no answers and i am trying my luck here now. I decided to post this in windows 10 as i was unsure what exactly causes this.

So i had this Problem for a good while now. Every time after approx. 6-8 Hours of usage my PC just starts crashing Things, especially cpu/memory heavy stuff like browsers or games.

Only way i can get it back to normal is through a forced Shutdown, normal Restart or shutdown does not seem to work. My PC is a custom built one, operates on windows 10 and for a good half year or so the pc worked just fine.

Then out of the blue it just started doing this. Around the time i was browsing around the web looking for downloadable Things like Mods/Shaders/Maps for Games.

At first it was even worse with only around 4 hours of use before this started happening. After a few hours the memory usage was extremely high (90-100% even with no open programms) i then noticed one of the RAM chips was not properly plugged in. It kind of did something. It increased the time span from when it would start randomly crashing things but still the problem persists.

And now the memory can be at around 80% but everything works fine and then just out of nothing. Everything crashes or freezes. Smaller things like the default audio player or file explorer still work but games fail to launch and browsers just completely bug out, something you would see in a corruption in a video game or movie.

I looked at the Task Manager Performance and except Disk and Ethernet randomly jumping to 100 from 0% everything is fine.

I searched all across the internet and some people had similar Problems but not the exact one. I tried various methods these people were recommended like malware/virus scans (i tried that lots of times with many different scanners though they were the free version), Cache cleaning even doing a few things in the control pannel like fumbling with drivers and all that and none of them worked.

Also i never got a blue screen or really major pc malfunctions except for the screen turning black for a few seconds though i did not explore what happens when i keep it on after it starts doing that.

Edit; Here are the specs i found under Settings
-Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.4GHz
-Installed Ram: 16GB
-64 bit operating system and processor

And here i compiled a few Things Guides to listing specs told me to and a few other things i found under the device manager
-Computer: ACPI 64x bit
-Disk Drivers: CT250MX500SSD4, TOSHIBA HDWD110
-Display Adaptors: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060
-DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC
-Windows 10, OS Version: 18362.836
-14310MB Graphics Memory
-6144 Video Memory
-0 System Video Memory
-8166 Shared System Memory
-420GB out of 930GB free HDD Space

I gave my best shot at calculating the PSU using this Calculator and i was not sure what type my motherboard is but assuming that it is ATX my wattage would be 361.

And as of for the other Things: This Pc was custom built and is maybe around 9 months old and the condition seems to be normal. Intact Frame, no loose wiring or any visible damage on the inside.
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