Programs and games that use 4 cores


Oct 29, 2010

Is above info correct ?
Its quite old.
Do someone has a link for a page for the same other than the above ?
Or can someone take some pain to make a thread regarding this ?

I am going to buy i3-2100 over 955 and want to know if there is a mainstream program that would use 4 core.
I'll be losing 2 cores by not choosing 955 so just wanted to know if this loss would be large .


(btw I don't believe winrar uses for cores
See this
Winrar section , i3 outperforms 955
Please tell me if I'm wrong)
winrar uses 4 cores but is not efficient at it If I remember correctly.

Most mainstream programs don't need to use 4 cores so they don't.

programs such as video editing and rendering programs will use as many cores as there is. 7zip uses 4 cores.

So newer games will use 4 cores. Games made on the source engine uses 4 cores. Battlefield 3 multiplayer uses 4 cores. Its about 50/50 whether a game uses more than 2 cores. Generally speaking tho 80% of game will run better on the i3 even if they use more cores because they really only use 2 main threads and the i3 cores are better.

WinRar uses more than two cores. The problem with the comparison you linked to is that the Core i3-2100 has a more efficient / powerful CPU architecture than the Phenom II X4. The link below compares the Core i3-2100 to the quad core Core i5-2400; both running at the same clock speed of 3.1GHz. Since both CPUs use the Sandy Bridge CPU core; the Core i5-2400 is faster than the Core i3-2100 by a little bit which point to the fact that it does not effectively use 4 cores.