Question Programs begin to slow down and then freeze before crashing at random. Tends to begin with chrome.

Jan 12, 2020
I am having an extremely annoying bug at the moment which is causing me to have to restart my computer to fix.

My computer will have programs slow and then freeze, sometimes coming back in a couple of seconds, or sometimes requiring a restart to fix.

Symptoms include "waiting for cache" in chrome, edge launching but hitting enter in the search bar doing nothing, "ping" command returning with 100% packet loss, but some online programs (discord, spotify) still working, accent colour and theme colour (light/dark mode) resetting on launch, infinite loops when trying to restart, and not being able to delete programs/directories using delete, or rmdir (in cmd or git bash).

This is extremely annoying and I have no idea what the issue is. I dont have much software installed, and I doubt it is a virus as this is a fresh install and my software is trusted.

Someone please help, I am getting really desperate.

My drivers are also up to date and I have tried disabling software that could be causing issues, like f.lux