Question Programs closes after launch!

Mar 15, 2021
Hi to everyone, yesterday, i was bored so i were programming in C# .NET (Nothing strange that can break Windows), but the program was closed.

I really thought it was something that maybe I misspelled, but when I realized it when I went to the desktop, all programs (Except for Chrome, Discord and Avast! Antivirus were closed). When trying to open it, it holds for about 2 seconds and then closes out of nowhere.

I didn't download anything new or strange thing that could break it to this magnitude, it was out of nowhere.

In Safe Mode I can open them, nothing happens there.

I uninstalled Avast, thinking that it could become him but it did nothing.

My specs are: An i7 10700, 16GB Ram, 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, and an Nvidia GTX 1660 SUPER.

Very strange fact: Previously, I always had 120 GB free on disk C, but when I see now, there is only 111 GB left without having installed anything.

What I can do?

Thank you so much!