Question Programs/files won't open, fans max out after sleep, longer bootup times

Nov 14, 2021
I think all these issues are linked somehow, but I'm not really sure how.

Here's the cycle of what goes on:
  • When my PC comes out of sleep, the fans crank up and stay on max settings.
  • Restarting takes a significantly longer time to boot after this
  • Programs and applications won't open when clicked, but are highlighted. This includes navigating settings, cmd, anything not opened on boot.
  • Because I can't power it off, I hold the power button to hard shut down.
  • Windows takes a while to boot again after powering on.
  • PC works fine until it goes to sleep again.
Here's what I've done
  • Issues started in Windows 10, updated to 11 in hoping this was a Windows fix.
  • Ran suggestions from Microsoft support (check for updated drivers, ran SFC, full virus sweep, etc.) with only the first SFC run finding corrupted files.
  • Accepted my fate and just lived with the persistent issues.
The issues first started when I purchased a new chassis fan and 4-pin splitter. This is a prebuilt PC and the second set of fan pins looked like they were never installed on the motherboard, so I used the pin splitter to connect my 3-pin prebuilt chassis fan to my second newly purchased 4-pin fan. The only other change I've made was putting in a second SSD.

Hopefully any of this makes sense. It all feels rather random, but the cycle above has repeated too many times.

PC specs: ASUS ROG Strix G10DK
AMD B550 chipset
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G
GeForce 2060 Super

Link to product:
Nov 14, 2021
Some of your problems could indicate a bad mouse. What happens if you try to start programs/open files using the keyboard?
Same results. For example, I've tried powering off the computer using Windows and navigating using the arrow keys. It will select but when I hit enter, nothing happens.