Question Programs take 10-20 seconds to open after win10 update

Oct 8, 2020
I, about 15 days ago, updated to the most recent windows 10 version. I typically stay away from updating if everything is working just fine...and for some odd reason I decided to update anyways and regret it.
Ever since the update most of my programs take 10-20 seconds to open. Now for some older/slower systems this might not be unusual but my system never took longer than a second or two to START opening the program. Yes, certain programs took a few seconds to actually open (for example discord) after they're launched..but the start of the launch doesnt even happen for 10-20 seconds now. During the time that I'm trying to open these programs my system is NOT being choked up with too many things running. My cpu sits at 5%, drives are at 0-1% and ram is at 6gb/32gb.

9900k @ stock 3.6ghz
32gb ddr4 @ 3200mhz
OS - m.2 drive
Software/games - spread on two different 1TB QVO SSD drives.

I've tried:
Closing down all programs running(other than essentials of course)
SFC in cmd prompt
Reinstalling windows 10 (while keeping files)
Virus scans
Checking to make sure power mode is set to performance

If anyone has any ideas I'd greatly appreciate them. There just doesn't seem to be any obvious answer to this problem. I typically don't like asking for help as 99% of the problems you have with a PC can typically be answered by doing some googling but trust me I've googled and can't seem to find any similar threads that have successful answers. I'm close to just wiping all of my drives and reinstalling windows 10 cleanly.

EDIT I just wanted to also add that my system seems to have no performance difference when it comes to running heavy software/gaming.