News 'Project Hydra' Overclocking Tool for Ryzen 5000 Now Available for Download

There is not no, because its not necessary. The only reason Project Hydra exists is due to AMD's own auto boosting algorithm which is quite restrictive, and manually overclocking AMD CPUs hinders overclocking headroom.

Intel does not have either of these problems.


Nov 29, 2018
I just tired it and maybe there is something beneficial here but the tool is far from being user friendly. I am writing this here because there s no way to reach the author of that utility without paying a monthly subscription which is BONKERs! imo.

I tested the free 1.0F version.

Before testing, i did not reset my settings in bios.
I was using PBO default limits and +200mhz max freq. ,BUT the thermal limit 82c and curve optimizer at -15 all cores.

My room temp was 35c and i had tower cooler (as500 plus ) at may be lower than 40db noise
I was getting decent performance with these and CB23 score 26500.

Before getting this utility to do the "automated" tuning, i had to create a separate local windows user account and set the login procedure to auto through searching "netplwiz" of windows.

After running the diagnostic process with the utility, my performance was 10% lower.
comparison chart before and after!39760&authkey=AArWbSrG-QpKNjA

I will have to re-run the diagnostics as i am told that this tool does not check if the bios values are correctly set before diagnosing...

Overall , it s too early to say how beneficial it is for me but IT S DEFINITELY not a "one click" automation AT ALL...
IDK really... if a tool has a "1.0" version near it, it should have been able to detect if the current settings are set correctly in bios (like CO settings, LLCs etc...) before doing anything with them.

Also the documentation lacks anything related to how the tool can auto-tune since , any basic windows user will have to type in the login info each time the machine crashes. and the process took almost 4 hrs on the 5950x due to core count.