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Dec 8, 2016
Hi, I had my eyes on View Sonic X100-4K.
ViewSonic X100-4K, 4K UHD Home Theater LED Projector

For some reason, i'm really attracted to the X100-4K, there is something magical about it,
at least for me, i loved the design, the huge size, the dark color, it feels like a flagship product,
today i was informed: The X100-4K is now discontinued. The replacement model is the PX748-4K
The X100-4K still available at a very good price where i live, It feels like i'm buying a flagship product,

should i go for it? Is the contrast ratio really that bad? There are multiple opinions on this matter:
A- it's acceptable, most projectors under $2000 will offer same or very close results.
B- it's the worst ever, the contrast ratio is like 250:1 that you would be better off buying $99 projector from Walmart.

As you can see, that only makes it harder,
it's a limited sell price, they only have like 4 X100-4K, so it's now or never,

Regarding the PX748-4K, i didn't really like the way it looked, small + white color, feels like any other projector, but let's focus on the performance, it should do 4K plus 240Hz, but there is no HDMI that can support that, the included HDMI on that projector is HDMI 2.0 which can handle up to 240 Hz when using 1080p resolution, 144 Hz when using 1440p resolution, and 60 Hz when using 4K resolution. My 7 years LG projector can do 1080p 60, so i see no benefits here, all projectors can do 4K 60.
$1000 - $2000

Room setup:
Dark room, big size, thick black curtains, It's not pitch-black,

The screen is electrical one that can do 3 x 3 meter, i'm using 3 meter width and 170 cm height, it's about 133 inches diagonal, it's white colored, not the best quality, but i'm happy with it.
Not sure if the X100-4K needs a silver-grey screen? Is it a MUST?

My current projector:
i'm using LG PF1500G " Copy of 1500
but without some smart features that's the G at the end" I've been using it for like 5-6 years,
it still holds up and can do 1080p at 60Hz.

Asus Rog Strix RX 480 8GB
1x DVI, 2x HDMI 2.0b, 2x DisplayPort 1.4a

the projector will be connected to my PC as a display, that PC is connected to the internet, it's like the heart of the system, and i've got a sound system connected to that PC for the audio.
  • watching movies, TV shows, YouTube etc...
  • playing SP games " 60 fps on average - no online
  • surfing the web writing posts like this one ^^
- the longest possible life"""

it's not about the money, but finding replacement parts is extremely hard for me where i live, i would choose a low quality that will last 6-7 years over a high quality that would need a replacement in 2-3 years, changing bulbs is not my thing at all.

- High quality 4K image
I'm upgrading from a 1080p projector,
so there is no point in buying another 1080p projector, i wanted to be 4K

- Preferably on the ceiling
my room is too big, it's better to have it on top.

- Worth it
i want to feel the upgrade from my LG PF1500, I want to be able to feel a real difference

- 3D DLP
just bought my first ever 3D glasses to watch SBS, would love to have such feature

I don't care:
- Noise level

i got an aquarium which can make the loudest fans feels silent,
so no problem about how loud it can get

- Smart features, mirroring etc...
i never use such features at all i don't even connect my projectors to the Internet, it's just for display, i don't mind having these features, but it's just that i don't see myself using them that often,but features regrading picture quality etc. are of course important

- The sound quality
i've got my projector muted for the 6th year, i've got a dedicated sound system connected to my pc.

- Short or long throw
as i mentioned, my room is big.

- What year was it made in
if it's newly released or old, it doesn't matter.

PX748-4K, PX728-4k and X10-4K
all are available too. The BenQ X3000i IS NOT.

What do you think? Give me your recommendations,
i will research every projector you will suggest.


Dec 8, 2016
Hmm. about to pull the trigger on a Benq X30001 at $1999. But yours looks very interesting. Could you compare the X100-4K, with the Benq?

EDIT, Maybe still gonna pull the trigger on the X30001. Happy Hunting.

the X3000i is considered the best projector at that price range,
too many people recommended that projector to me, but it's not available where i live, so i have to go with the X100-4K,
tho the X100-4K is a great looking projector with a 30,000 hours life,
feel free to share any details you have. Good luck.
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