Proper GPU(s) for Eyefinity Gaming


Sep 30, 2011
I am looking to play BF3 using 3 24" Asus Monitors running @ 1080p. Im assuming that I will need something pretty pricey so i've set my budget at around $700 (give or take) I prefer AMD cards because I am more familiar with them. I would like to run current-generation games over 3 monitors (those that support it) at medium-high settings. My current 5770 ran the BF3 beta just fine at Medium but when I stretched the window across all 3 of my screens, my FPS dropped to around 20. I've recently upgraded to the 8150 8-core 990FX processor so there is no need for worry on that end, and I also have plenty of ram.

My overall question is with $700 to spend on a GPU, will a 6990 do me justice with 3 monitors on BF3 or will it take 2 of them to make any progress.? My spending money is kind of limited so I would like to know the BEST POSSIBLE AMD
SETUP for around $700.


no - 1 6990 will be more than enough to do that kind of gaming. though i'd suggest picking up 2 6970's and run them in crossfire. Actually - if its 3 monitor setup - will cost you more but you could go with 2 GTX 580's if not then 2 GTX 570's

my 2 cents :)

* with that kind of card - it'll blow your 5770 to kingdom come!



Ehem, 6990 is a DUAL card and does come with most of the issues that are in a crossfire setup, but with that kind of resolution, NO current single card will do justice at highish-max settings.

@ OP what's your full system specs ?

A 6990 card is a Dual GPU in one PCP...that's to simplify

And a 6990 would be great choice for 3 monitors setup, but don't expect to run
every game at ultra settings, or even high settings such as Metro 2033.
I always recommend a 3-way CF for Eyefinity, in order to enjoy gaming at such a higher resolution without a lagging of FPS.