[SOLVED] Properly cleaning a IPS monitor


Aug 10, 2019
I just bought a LG ultragear 1440 ips display and I noticed it had some smudges/streaks on it that I could really only see if I shined my phones flashlight on it. I grabbed my microfiber cloth and this screen cleaner spray (alcohol and ammonia free) and I sprayed a small amount on the cloth and wiped down my screen. After I did I felt like I added more streaks and lines.

Is there any specific cloth or cleaner that you guys use and method to make these screens look clean and smooth without the streaks? Should I even worry that much when the screen really isn't dirty but just streaky and i cant see it unless I shine a light on it? I mean I guess I can't see it at all when the display is on.
A few things to make sure when cleaning a surface:
  • Wipe in only one direction. It doesn't matter which, as long as you're wiping in the same direction.
  • Try to use a dry section of the cloth with each wipe. A damp area isn't going to wipe up the cleaning fluid as well as a dry area
  • Use a completely dry cloth to do another pass after wiping up the cleaning fluid from the surface