Jan 13, 2013
We are about to install a new ip phone systen. The decision has come down to Avaya, Altigen, and Alcatel-Lucent. Has anyone had any problems with any of these systems?
Have not used altigen but the other 2 have worked well. Mostly the issues I have is trying to make systems from various vendors work together, avaya since they are so big tend to have documented solutions for connecting to other vendors which is very nice.

If you are buying a complete system from a single vendor I doubt you will see much difference.
Most the differences are in some of the high end features related to things like call centers or disaster recovery call rerouting. I know the last time one of these vendors was here they were talking about some features that let you integrate your cell phones with the system so it would use the wifi if it could or it would use the cell network and would switch back and forth without dropping the call.

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