[SOLVED] PS/2 Keyboard No N-Key Rollover

May 27, 2020
I read on the internet that PS/2 keyboards have a native N-Key Rollover. I found a cheap LabTec White PS/2 Keyboard and decided to try it out. When it arrived, I plugged it in while the PC was off and then turned on the PC (I knew that PS/2 keyboards have to be plugged in pre-boot). The keyboard didn't work, but the Numpad light was on. I googled the issue and found out that I had to change some registry to make PS/2 working on Windows 10. So I did it, restarted the PC and the keyboard worked, but there was no N-key rollover - e.g. I can't press Arrow Up, Arrow Left and Arrow Down simultaneously. I tried googling this problem but didn't find anything. Is there something that I can do to make N-key rollover work (because that was the reason I bought this keyboard) and what is the reason for it not to work at the first place? If it matters, I'm using MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX motherboard with combined green/purple PS/2 port.