Question PS/2 Type speakers to Laptop 3.5mm port

Apr 18, 2020

First time in posting here, so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong forum section....

So we own a pretty old desktop computer, which uses a pair of Altec Lansing AVS300 speakers. Now that specific line of speakers is a pretty old one, but they still sound amazing. Because I am kind of
an audiophile myself, I would like to swap the speaker setup of my laptop and our family's desktop computer, since the AVS300 speakers sound way better.

The thing is, although the speakers that I currently use for my laptop (Creative A60) can connect to the dekstop computer easily, ultilizing the 3.5mm headphone jack of the computer tower, the same cannot be said for the other way arround. The Altec Lansing AVS300 speakers use the old type PS/2 connector, and my laptop does not have the necessary port for them to be connected...

I've done some Google searches and I could not find a PS/2 to 3.5mm jack adapter. So my question is, is it even possible to connect those speakers that require a PS/2 port to a modern laptop that only has a single 3.5mm port? If so, what kind of adaptor do I have to use?

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!