Question PS won't turn on with any 6-pin peripheral connected


Jan 26, 2018
This PS came out of another machine I'm upgrading. It worked fine in the old machine and powered two SATA HDD at that time.

I am able to boot the PC without any 6-pin peripherals (SSD/HDD/CDROM) plugged in. It boots via a M.2 SSD.

As soon as I try to plug in a peripheral device, just power not even data, the PS won't turn on. I hit the power button and within a second I hear a click in the PS and then nothing. It's like an over-current protection circuit is triggering maybe? When I unplug power from the peripheral it boots fine again. I have 4 modular 6-pin's on my PS, each of them behave the same way. All other modular connections can power devices and the PC boots fine.

I've seen one other post on Google with this issue but none of the advice pointed me in the right direction. Anyone else see this behavior from a PS before?
Not likely to be an OCP, rather SCP triggered on. Does it happen with every single SATA device you have? Are you sure you are using correct SATA cable that is compatible with PSU you are using? Using cable from other PSU could easily make that happen.