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PS2/USB Keyboard and Mouse


Jul 9, 2008
I've just finished building up my pc with everything new..HDD is brand new nothing installed

Mobo: xfx 780i
CPU: q9300 2.5ghz
GPU: xfx gtx 280
PSU: gigabyte odin pro 1200W
Case: gigabyte aurora 3d
HDD: WD 500gb green edition sata

I've got a regular usb keyboard (microsoft) and usb optical mouse (genius)....i powered up the computer and the lights came alive and the fans were spinning and the monitor (also new) came alive

i got that initial black screen with some writings on it.....it said intel processor 2.5ghz and some other stuff i didn't really take notice and on the bottom it said to hit del to enter setup or f1 for some other things i was supposed to hit del according to the motherboard's manual to set the BIOS but the usb keyboard doesn't work no numlock, capslock lights turned on.....i tried different usb ports, still doesnt work

even the usb mouse doesn't light up from the bottom where the optical beam/laser is

any ideas?


You will go to the local store and buy an adapter for 2 bucks that will allow you to plug your USM keyboard into a PS/2 port.

Although, MS keyboards usually ship with the mentioned adapter.

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