Jul 29, 2001
I'm looking to upgrade my hp pavilion power supply. It has a 250W zinfandel ps2, regulated power supply. I don't know much about this stuff. I've read that ps2 relates to an atx form factor. Does this mean that any atx/ps2 power supply should be compatible with my system? Zinfandel?
And, thanks to the responders to my earlier post.


Former Staff
When speaking of power supplies, PS2 is actually a housing size that both AT and ATX power supplies have used. It's the standard "full sized PC" power supply size.

I have no idea whether you have an AT or ATX power supply, but if you don't either, it might just be AT. Normally, HP uses a PS3 (shortened version of PS2) or SFX power supply size. But since HP has used standard POWER connnectors on most of their systems for years, I'd just eyeball it to determine whether it's AT or ATX.

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