Question ps3 audio through laptop speakers?

Mar 28, 2019
So basically i have ear force recon 60p headset and it comes with a amplifier cord which looks like this and the usb doesnt seem to be working probably because my headass of a brother yanks it out when he tryna play but the mm jack that is on the headset works fine so i have no problem using it on my ps4. the issue is though that i wanted to play on my ps3 but i use an old pc moniter which has no speakers in it and usually i would use a composite av cable but in order to use that i need a usb that has a hole for a jack in it but my usb dont work so id like to know if there's any way to just hook up my ps3 audio to my laptop then i can just plug the jack of my headset into my laptop and listen like that rather than have to spend 30 on a new cord. thanks in advance.