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PS3 comes out on December 2005 The Dreamcast controller was a similar
design to the new xbox one. Although the Dreamcast controller was
chunkier than the Playstation controller the soul reason was to again
personalize it with a memory card closer to hand with vibration pack
or if needed two memory cards, depending on how many controllers you
had. The dreamcast had 4 ports like the N64 which was convenient to
the sony multitap. The bad thing about the Dreamcast controller is
that the buttons are widely stretched across the pad causing hand
strain if you have small hands. The other thing which I think is a bit
of a bad idea with the Dreamcast is the fact that the port cable is at
a bad end of the controller. Xbox 2001 The xbox controller is a bit of
a relation to every other console controller with the 4 ports, analog,
Memory cards in controller. I personally think the Xbox controller is
too complicated. It could be alot more simple without buttons
scattered everywhere which does get anoying. The other thing is that
the Xbox controller is bulky and definetly built for the HULK.
samecube 2001 The gamecube's controller is nice and small which fits
nicely along with it's console. The thing which particularly bugs me
about it though is the shape. The shape of the controller is very
irritating and whenusing analog one must pull thumbs down to the
bottom or to the top. There isn't too much I would critisize besides
that of this controller. I think the Playstation 2 controller is the
best controller. I think its design is the most functional out of all
of the other consoles controllers. It fits nicely in your hands, and
the analogue sticks are also positioned nicely. One very important
thing to remember is that the PlayStation 2 controller has pressure
sensitive buttons - a first in game pad design. Also the PlayStation
controller was the first to use the vibration feature of "Dual Shock"
(I think), to make games feel more exciting and add a better sense of
interaction with the game. I will say this though. Microsoft has been
losing what little ground it's standing on since the dawn of it's
release. I believe that the Japanese and UK markets may be causing a
vast amount of that. This however I dont feel will carry over into the
release of Xbox 2, Microsoft will show that it is more established in
the console race and this will bring alot more attention then it did
in the previous couple of years. My concern though, is that we will
continue to see MS pump useless amounts of money into they're gaming
rig and again come out empty handed losing quantities of money. There
wont be any clear winner from the start of the next generation system
race though, this is what some of you seem to be putting faith in. Im
sorry but that just wont happen, despite how MS prevails most of us
know that Sony will have an outstanding run...there are no worries
there. The fanbase is well established and I dont see that running off
anywhere. MS has reached beyond the Windows OS geeks and grabbed a
handfull more people onto it's bandwagon but they still have alot of
growing to do in that particullar area. What I mean here, most of the
people that buy an Xbox today are primarly going to be casual gamers
who in turn problly have a Gamecube and who in turn problly have a
PS2. Now you would problly say this isnt exactly a casual gamer but it
is if they show no clear cut dedication to a system or to playing
games, people that just kinda play whats there but enjoy what everyone
has to offer. MS needs to pick up more dedicated Xbox goofs this year
to promise themselves a much tighter run in the future. Although do
make note that the title of this thread is PS3 vs Xbox 2, so there's
bound to be biased opinions between Microsoft buffs, and PlayStation
Fanatics. I also would like to take a fairly neutral stance and wish
both consoles well. I'm not going to be unfair to Microsoft, but my
knowledge does reside with PlayStation. Xbox 2 will have an
established brand image as well as an established console and
undoubtedly will do better based in that regard. I think microsoft
have done a fair job of getting some good games onto the Xbox, just
look at HALO and Project Gotham Racing, although Sony have so many
titles to their name, I think Sony win that one. (Sorry if that sounds
opinionated). At the end of the day like I said before I am looking
forward to seeing what happens come 2005/6. Its gonna be a close one.
But just take this into account. Who seriously thought Bill Gates
would have managed to do as well as he did entering into an already
hugely fierce console market. Having Microsoft's funds helped no
doubt. I fully understand you on that position. My only gripe is that
there will always be those one or two people that dont even attempt to
make a stance but spout out a quirky comment. I am a Playstation nut
all the way, no need to debate me on that issue but that one guy that
generates what little information he knows towards his position is
better than the one that doesnt give ground. (Ex: Playstation2 is
better just because I said it is!) People need to take a look at the
facts and the major concerning issues and then give they're best
opiniated view they can. No Im not talking an essay or report, a few
lines is always good and it helps people respect what is being said.
For a newbie I'd hate to raise alot of unessecary controversy so Im
real sorry if I upset anyone. I just feel it makes the community look
better as a whole if you take what Im saying into consideration. Let
me just get one more thing straight before anyone jumps to
conclusions. To type well thought out opinions you dont have to be
some English major or tech geek, just say what you really feel and
your perspective on things. Im in my Sr. year of highschool and for
the past 4 years I've just barely skimmed by but I sure hope in your
eyes I was able to offer a broad scope on things. Really all Im saying
is think before you speak. Morpheus, your whole regard on the
PS3/Xbox2 issue was perfect and is what Im talking about. Nothing
long, just well written and opiniated. RPG Dreamer also took a good
glance at things. Again, I hope not to stir up trouble seeing as Im
new here and lets just continue to talk about what we all have in
common...PS3 Sony and Microsoft, on the mass market. They'll have to
taget a Niche market to make money, probably through pure games and
functionality again. Despite what some people choose to believe,
Nintendo will continue on in the console market. They have more than
enough cash flow in their handhelds as it is for the moment. I cant
remember what magazine it was in but they did make a statement that
they had no plans to exit the market and become some kind of third
party developer like Sega. Thats really all we know about Nintendo's
position right now though. This is an interesting twist to the story,
as PS3's CPU - \"The Cell\", will also run on a 65 nanometer chip. We
now know that Xbox2 has the strong potential to be able to match
Sony's machine in terms of power, making for interesting viewing to
see who will in fact come out on top.
The game line up will be for PS3 and Xbox2. I mean Microsoft could
come out on the better end this time with a superb gaming line up. Im
just like you, as long as the power of the system is adequate enough
to today's standards then Im focused more towards gameplay and the
amount of good games. What your saying though is that PS3 will already
have a better gaming line up just because PS2 did. We'll have to see
what the second party developers come up with. Most top games nowadays
are released across all the platforms. There's much more of an
incentive for Developers to release their games across the board and
make more money. Sony in my opinion is the King of exclusivity - they
manage to pull the biggest developers to go exclusive which is very
cool. Most games appear on the Playstation at some point. Unlike the
Gamecube which has far less range of titles to choose from. X-box does
quite well in getting exclusivity - Halo etc, but I don't think there
anywhere near Sony.


Apr 29, 2004
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