Ps3 Hard Drive Upgrade



Can anyone recommend me a good and reliable hard drive that I could upgrade my 160gb PS3 Slim? I have a TON of digital games thanks to PS plus and have run out of space.

I had purchased this:
but it was INCREDIBLY loud and slow when I tried to install games, in comparison to my other hard drive. I returned it to amazon and now looking for another. I'm looking for something that won't fail me like Western Digital and something 500gb or bigger. Thanks for the help.
I'm surprised that's loud or slow. I put a 250g scorpio blue in my ps3 a couple years ago and it's quiet and faster than the hitachi drive it came with. I guess I just expected other scorpio drives (especially the 5400rpm) would be quiet. A 7200 rpm drive will be quicker, but you risk adding a little more heat into the system.
I upgraded my PS3 slim to the Seagate Momentux XT 500GB Hybrid drive just under a year ago. It is a 7200rpm drive with a 4GB SSD build on and used as a cache. I purchased this because I was really tired of the Gran Turismo 5 race load times. This drive made me SUPER happy. At the least you get a 7200 rpm drive. At the best you get close to SSD speeds if most of the information is currently on the 4GB SSD chip. It works very well in games that have a lot of menus and screen changes like racing and fighting games. Repetitive data is stored in the SSD and loads faster, that is the idea. The function of this is completely internal to the drive and you treat it just like a normal drive. I can say nothing but good things about this drive. It also has a 5 year warranty. They do have a newer drive that has a 8GB SSD, but I don't think the performance is that much different. There are a number of YouTube videos you can check out from a before and after perspective.

Filter the reviews for PS3 and you can read some of the comments.

I have an older fat model which is why I was hesitant to put a 7200 rpm drive in my ps3. It gets pretty hot with just the 5400 rpm scorpio drive I put in or even the original drive.


Jan 20, 2009
When installing a new HD in you PS3 do you do a clean wipe and lose everything or is there way to transfer everything, such as game data and saves? I think the trophies and such are linked to your PSN accounts so once you sign in with that it should resync your device. I have a 120GB Slim