PS3 Stopped Working


Apr 3, 2012
Alright here's my problem. My friend Dave was helping a friend Ryan change his power outlets in his basement. Well Dave being the genius he is finished it and plugged the power strip in with the PS3 and TV. Well it surged (with the power strip off) and blew the TV and PS3. The TV was under some Best Buy warranty and they fixed it. The PS3 comes on, you can hear it spin up the disk, LEDs glow and everything. There is no video or audio coming out of the PS3 though. So a couple of questions.

1. Shouldn't the power strip company be liable and have to pay for damages? The strip wasn't even turned on and did not protect against the surge.

2. The PS3 is a first generation and thus is no longer under any sort of warranty. What part of the PS3 failed presumably? Each video output was tested separately with no luck. There was no sound as well through the audio plugs. I'm assuming it is the graphics card that got fried but not 100% sure.

3. If it is the graphics card (or any other component answered by 2.), is it possible to fix the PS3 or is it pretty much game over?


Aug 20, 2012
If its the graphics card then u have to change all the motherboard its a bit expensive , and graphics card is a chip not a big card like in pc.

If its the graphics card then ps3 shuldnt turn on... so maybe there isnt some connection in ps3

Find some place where people fix ps3 like in store where they sold it or special places for consules