PS3 with TV Tuner HELP!!!


Sep 27, 2009
This is my first question on this site.. I am planning to get a PS3 in another 3 days and I dont want to buy another TV. I know this has been discussed before, but please bare with me... I want to get my PS3 to connect with the monitor WITHOUT a PCI E TV tuner card. One of my friends told me that he had seen a switch to which a monitors VGA cable was attached, and by the flick of its switch the user could start watching TV.. Will something like this work with the PS3?? Will it be without lag? I really need no recording ... I just want to use my monitor as a PS3 display... HELP!!!


It depends heavily on what inputs your monitor has. You mention VGA, which many have. But the PS3 appears not to have this output. It does output on an HDMI port, if your monitor has such an input. The PS3 also outputs Composite Video and stereo sound via an adapter cable, but I doubt your monitor has Composite Video as an input option. There are converted boxes that will take Composite Video and convert it to VGA, but I do not know how well they work. You are right to expect that such a conversion process may create a time lag between video and unprocessed audio.

The box your friend mentioned is a similar one. It sounds like it has a TV tuner in it. Internally it will get to the point of having the video in a form similar to Composite Video and then it must convert that to VGA. Such a box MIGHT also allow direct input of a Composite Video signal from outside.
Easy way is HDMI stright into moniter. If that fails, just get a HDMI to DVI cable ($10 or so) and use that instead. There is no need for any form of Tuner card to display the PS3 on a moniter.

All a tuner does is unencrypt an incoming video signal, nothing else. As the video from the PS3 is unencrypted, no turner is necessary.