Question PS4 Controller Not Detected by PC

Dec 8, 2019
I've been having this problem for the past couple of days. I was playing with the controller before, but then I went into Steam to configure some buttons for some specific games and it stopped working. Now, I can't get any of my DS4 controller to connect to me PC. I have three and all of them when I plug them the light turns orange and does nothing. If I used it with the bluetooth it does work, but the problem is that sometimes it lags.

So, I watched several videos about this issue. Nothing seems to work for me. I went into device manager and I tried to uninstall and disabled the drivers for the PS4 USB. I also uninstall and installed SCP Toolkit and nothing. I went into control panel and then devices and printer. The problem I have is that my controller doesn't show up as a HID. Instead I can see it as a wireless controller. When I go into the properties there is no HID like in some videos. There is only one option (wireless controller). I've tried everything and nothing has worked. I also restarted my PC and nothing.

NOTES: The controllers worked with Bluetooth, not via USB.
*I swap several USB and connected them into different USB ports and nothing.
*The controllers also work with the PS4 console.
*I tried the reset button on the back of the controller and nothing.
Problem solved!
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