Question PS4 Controller stopped working on Desktop, but works on laptop, with cable on both.


Nov 25, 2015
I've been using a normal DS4 on my desktop ever since the ps4 was released and have never had an issue, but a few weeks ago the controller seized to work on my desktop.

The pc recognises it as a wireless controller and does appear in Device Manager and in devices.
The light on the controller turns on for a short moment as a orange light but then disappears and does not reappear unless I reconnect the controller.
I'm currently running Windows 10 a ryzen 5 5600x and a 1060.

What I've currently tried:
  • Different Cable
  • Different USB ports
  • Uninstall the driver both through device manager and through "Bluetooth and Other Devices"
  • Reset the controller using the button on the back
  • On a different pc, which it works on without any issues
  • Using software (DS4 Windows, InputMapper). Input mapper seems to pick up the controller, but only the touchpad works and nothing else. In DS4 windows the controller doesn't appear.