PS4 making my router buzz

Jul 17, 2019
I've recently come across a strange issue involving my router and my PS4 slim.

Now, I have an Xbox and a PS4 slim. This only happens with the PS4, nothing else. Whenever the PS4 is plugged into the same extension as the router (my Xbox has always been plugged into the same extension as my router and NEVER had any issue at all), my router starts making a loud electrical buzzing sound and I'm not really sure why. Any ideas as to why this may be? The PS4 and the router work fine, but it's just strange that it's ONLY when the PS4 is plugged in is that it does this.


Are you using one of those inexpensive power cord extension cables with two or three molded outlets on one end?

And on the double/triple outlet end you plug in either router + Xbox (no buzz) or router + PS4 Slim (buzz) using two of the outlets.

Or are you using router + Xbox always and occasionally plugging in the PS4 (third outlet) making the router buzz.

Does the problem continue if you switch the devices around between the outlets?

Are you using the original power cords for router, Xbox, and PS4? Three prong or polarized?

My thought is either the PS4 plug or the outlet being used for that plug is causing a different fit and creating a short circuit of some sort.

Therefore making the router buzz and very likely dooming the router if continued.

Use a UL approved power strip that supports 3 prong plugs and polarized plugs.