[SOLVED] Ps4 Pro Native 1440p

Feb 22, 2018
Ok so I know that PS4 pro doesn't support 1440p but i was wondering if anyone knows away i could get it to output 4k and downscale it to 1440p or upscale 1080p to 1440p.

I looked into the Mcable and it doesn't support 1440p or doesn't say it does atleast.

on a side note the monitor is HDR so id like to keep that if possible


sorry bro. not a thing. Since TV's don't come in 1440p flavors it doesn't support that output resolution. Because while people out there do have monitors that take HDMI input and will use them to plug their consoles into, they are the few and not the many. Since it's a console that was made with plugging into a TV and sitting on a couch in mind it only supports TV resolutions. At least for now, maybe they will release an update of some sort that will allow for 1440p output and can downscale/upscale from 4K or 1080p depending on the game graphic settings of newer titles that utilize the 4K output ability of the console.

But for now, you will just get a 1080p output signal on your 1440p monitor. Which depending on the size of the monitor may or may not look blurry to you. For some people they say it looks fine, others say it looks blurry and bad due to the resolution mismatch between the output and the monitors native display capability. The thing I do personally find kind of dumb is how a cheap 4K TV can display 1080p looking like it's supposed to even though it's display is a 4K display but when it comes to monitors, when you view content through it that is of lower resolution than it's native level it looks blurry when fitting into the entire area space of the screen.