Question PS4 wired slower than wireless

Sep 9, 2021
About a week ago I started noticing issues with my home internet causing my tv streams to lag. I finally fired up my ps4 after a few weeks and noticed a very slow wired connection- 5mbps. Switched to wireless just to see- 5mbps. Meanwhile the same wireless on my phone is getting 200 mpbs (what I pay for). I swapped ethernet cables and nothing changed. Hard wired a laptop, 5mbps speed. This was on an arris dg2470 modem/router combo that was supplied by my provider- even had ps4 on nat 1.

Today bought a nighthawk ac1900, same thing, EXCEPT, my wired pc gets 200 mbps.

My last resort is taking my ps4 to a friend who has the same ac1900 and see what happens.

Anyone have any ideas to try besides the normal hard reset/unplug. At this point I think my ps4 is not functioning correctly. When I logon to the router it will recognize the ps4. I just think something inside is not working correctly/consistently...?

Thanks in advance, from a very frustrated ps4 gamer just trying to get some dubs on warzone. :)