Question PS5 Controller possibly botched repair

Feb 20, 2023
I have a PS5 controller that I managed to repair by replacing the horizontal potentiometer, but I foolishly decided I should replace the other one too before checking if replacing just one potentiometer was fine. Now, the horizontal one, where the drift was initially, is fixed, but now the vertical one is experiencing insane drift.

Idk if the horizontal or vertical potentiometers are different, or maybe it broke because the potentiometer came apart while I was replacing it and I put it back together. I replaced the potentiometer twice but to no avail, and the type of drift (strong upwards drift) has always stayed the same. Is it now that I have to replace the entire joystick? Is it a motherboard problem? Its concerning as even when I move the right joystick, the left one slightly moves to.

If I could have some guidance I'd appreciate it.

I can include media if you'd find it useful.