So I'm most of the way through a budget rebuild with only a PSU & case left to go. However, I've found searching for the right PSU quite difficult. The system I'm putting together will be:

An AMD Phenom II X3 710 on a
ASUS M4A78 with
3 GB RAM (1x2GB, 1x1GB),
evga GeForce 8800GT,
1 x 3.0Gb/s SATA hard drive,
1 x 1.5GB/s SATA hard drive (connects via one of the 4pin power connectors and a SATA cable),
Optical DVD Drive
And optionally a floppy disk drive

I don't need an extreme PSU, just 400+ Wattage and over 26 amps on the 12V rail. Where I'm struggling is with the cabling - as this will be my first computer build I don't know which cables relate to which component. What'd be useful to me would be if someone could list the connectors I'd need from a power supply to get the above system specs up and running.

I've noticed brands like Corsair have loads of cabling but are a little out of my price range, whereas cheaper alternatives may supply the voltage and ampage I need but seem to come with very few connectors.

Additionally if anyone's aware of any decent sites based in Europe or the UK that do PSU & computer case deals it'd be greatly useful as I've had limited success thus far.

These brands are fairly reliable: corsair, pc power and cooling, seasonic, enermax, antec, and ocz. I don't know much about european brands; if you find one of my favorite brands used from a reliable seller, you may want to go with it. I use craigslist alot now to buy and sell. Look for one or two pci-e 6 or 8 pin connectors, and check the 12v connector on your asus board to see if it's the old 4 or the newer 8 pin.


My whole set up (including the HDD's which I originally had) is looking to be about £250 (+case price), so preferably ~£30. I'm willing to buy second hand or from ebay to lower the cost time but ultimately I wouldn't want to spend more than forty quid.

Basically I want cheapest, reliable psu capable of running the above set-up. Or someone to give me a hand with the connector stuff so I can search myself.

I believe the mobo to be a 4pin ATX+ 12v power connector.