Question Psu and cpu fans are not spinning correctly


Jan 31, 2015
MOBO: Msi z490 mpg gaming carbon wifi
cpu cooler: Noctua NH-u9B se2
i5 10600k
Corsair RM650 650W

Hey everyone! Faced a problem today when I tried to build a pc. Installed everything and starts booting, everything loads and i get into bios.

There I get promt to choose what cpu cooling system I run, So I choose tower cooling just to see that fans doesn't spin. I open up the case and watch while I turn it on.

When I power the pc they spin for a while both cpu and psu but then they stop. I tried to play around in bios and turn the auto settings off and on. when off the cpu cooler maxes out but then when i turn the auto setting back on it shuts back off.

The cpu cooler came with a Y-splitter, I tried to switch the connection for both cables with no results, I tried to skip the splitter and plug one fan into "cpu fan" and the other to a sys fan but got the same issue.

Never faced something like this so glad if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance!

Note: the fan that came with the case is working fine