PSU and GPU installation help needed please


Oct 13, 2012
Hello all,

I may have bitten off more than i can chew. I just got a new corsair cx600 and a gtx 660 and was trying to install them. I figured i could simply unplug the old psu connections and plug in the new psu cables in their place. The very 1st one i take out is labelled P7 and is a 4 pin and which i unplugged from the mother board. Well, i do not see a 4 pin on the new psu. The 'instruction' manual says there is a 24pin main power connector that has a detachable 4-pin connector but this is not a p4 or ATX12V connector. Do not force it into the p4 or atx12v socket on the mother board. I do not see any writing on the motherboard near the socket i just unplugged so how do i know if its a p4 or atx12v?

Anyone willing to help me through this install of psu and gpu?


PSU have 2 wires that go to the motherboard. They are normally not labeled on third party PSUs.
First you have the main connector, 24 pin or often a 20+4 pin connector. That one should be easy to install and it only fits 1 way.

Second you have the "ATX 12V" or some times called the"P4" or "ancillary power connector" This connector was a 4 pin back in the old days, and still may be depending on the motherboard, but is more commonly an 8 pin connector. This connector is normally in the top left of the board by the CPU. Often times the 8pin can snap apart to be 2 4 pins to work with most all boards. This connector can only fit in 1 way.

In short just try to fit them in, all the connectors are keyed so you cannot put them in wrong.

This guide has good pictures.