PSU and Grahic card


Aug 21, 2009
i am planing to buy a grahic card with power requrement of 500w so i will need a new psu. after some reasearch i

heard how some psu boast 1000w which in reality only offer like 600-700w max. so i was wonder if i bought a Corsair

400w will it be enough power the grahic card?(BTW my monitor and speaker are powered seperately from the pc so i

guess it help a little)

if not whats the cheapest psu i can get?

link for info for my pc

oh and here Certified Power Supplies from all vendors from ati website

Akasa Amacrox Antec Be Quiet Coolermaster Coolmax
Corsair Delta EMACS Enermax Enhance Epower
FSP HEC High Power Hiper Lian-Li Mushkin
OCZ PC Power & Cooling Seasonic Silverstone Sintek Solytech
Sparkle Tagan Thermaltake Topower Ultra Zalman

edited: hmmm i am planing to buy this one or can anyone comfire if it fit on my pc or not? and enough cables for like motherboard etc etc