Psu and motherboard cable confusion

the vague worm

Jul 4, 2012
m using motherboard G33M02 and a slim cabinet (vostro 200) . i want to upgrade my psu to 400-600 watt.but psu for slim pc is limited to 300watt (tfx) can i use a normal size psu (say atx) (i can place the psu outside the cabinet cuz it wont fit)...
another thing is that my motherboard power connector has ATX24 pin and a 4pin ATX 12v power connector. but most of the psu ive checkd out seem to have 2pin 12v.does it make a difference?can i use 2pin psu cable with motherboard's 4pin 12v ?will it work.
my current psu is Bestec tfx0250D5W which recently went up in smoke... i really dun hav any knowledge about these things.
plz help