Question PSU Blew up and Replaced immediately, DIMM slots A1 and A2 do not work.

Sep 29, 2020
Hi guys,

I had my EVGA 850 watt power supply blow up while playing, I replaced it immediately the next day and also got a newer heatsink for my CPU. I plugged in everything correctly as it was before the PSU was replaced and also put in the new heat sink, (same model but now an RGB variant) and triple checked the screws were not tight and the cpu was seated correctly.

System turned on CPU code 4C flashed briefly and got stuck on CC with all four sticks in. I then started troubleshooting each slot and I found only B1 and B2 will work.

I cannot use the other A1 or A2 slots at all or it will not go into POST and the DRAM light on my motherboard will stay illuminated. So for now, I'm running 16GB of ram because of my other two slots are not working properly.

Everything was working fine before I replaced the cooler and PSU.

Here are my specs:
i7 9700k
2080 Super FE
32GB of gSkill Ripjaws 2133 speed (now 16GB)
New Psu is a EVGA 750watt supernova fully modular
Motherboard is a ASUS Maximus XI Hero
Alright. I'm just still trying to understand what went wrong, but for the meantime, I guess I'll have to try that.
Memory is usually powered by a couple of VRM's, each furnishing the power to two slots. So it's all guesswork but what could have happened is the PSU's failure took out the VRM for those two memory slots.

If that's the case, it just underscores the probability that other components on the board were also stressed by the blowout. So it may continue to work for a long time or something else may go tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't take something else with it.