PSU blowing up


Jun 9, 2012
I own an Hp minitower Desktop which I have used for two years. This year its original power supply blew up and I had the PSU replaced and I also bought a UPS through which power gets to the computer. After about three weeks, the PSU blew up again. I took the CPU to my technician for another PSU replacement. However, after about 1 month, the PSU blew up again. What could be the problem? Please help
What is the HP model number of your consumer desktop unit?

What is the make and model of the power supplies that were used in the system?

Have you upgraded any components in the system from the original HP provided ones? If yes please specify them.
HP a few years back sold some systems that have this fault and the only way out is to go after a name brand aftermarket psu as some of the oem units sold to HP are faulty. I've seen enough of them over the years for psu failure to say that the units they buy are often barely enough or overheat enough to short out the units. Their boards will run with just about any power supplies out there except for a handful of Dell units. If the case limits which unit ask around and there is bound to be a few people who know what to do about searching for the right units for that case.