[SOLVED] PSU buzzing noise

Hi,i have a CHIEFTEC ELP 700S ,and for the past 30 minutes my psu has been making buzzing noises.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWD6gP2PCto

It is not as loud as it is on the video,but you cant unhear it,its that type of sound,and when i put my hands on my table i can feel a slight vibration (my pc is on the desk obviously).
I've been reading about this and it seems like it can either be a simple fan issue,or a capacitor issue which im more worried about.Obvious fix is to buy a new psu,but i would like to get away from that.This noise has been happening on idle,a bit scared to play games now,I would also like to add that noise sometimes speeds up,and sometimes its slower,which leads me to believe its a fan issue,but what type of fan issue can it be?
Is the fan not mounted all the way,could be that is dirty a bit.Sorry for these weird sentences but im kinda freaking out.Thanks in advance
Sounds like a fan because nothing else would make a noise like that and still be functional. I would suggest replacing the PSU regardless, nothing CHIEFTEC makes is very high quality, I use to see them in eMachines which were bottom of the barrel in terms of reliability.
I would like to report that the sound has magically dissapeared.I was doing homework while my pc was on and in 1 second the sound came back to normal and its running quiet as before.Must have been the fan.Thanks for the help though