Question PSU buzzing sound when completely off

Mar 7, 2021
Hello everyone, I recently got a brand new Seasonic GX-850 PSU. I noticed that I can hear a faint electrical buzzing sound coming from the area where the power cord plugs into the PSU when I bring my head close to it. This buzzing is present when the PC is turned off and the PSU itself is turned off at the switch (but still plugged into a surge protector), and this part worries me. The buzzing gets more noticeable when the PC is on.

I know it can take some time for the PSU to completely discharge after shutting down, but this buzzing can be heard even after more than 24 hours have passed since the PC was shut down and the PSU was switched off. The buzzing stops after I unplug the PSU, but it resumes as soon as I plug it back in.

Here are a few things I've tried but none of them have resolved the buzzing:
-plugging the PC directly into the wall socket instead of into the surge protector
-plugging the PC into a socket in a different room
-using a different power cord
-making sure that the power cord is pushed all the way in

The PC works fine otherwise, there aren't any problems such as restarts or shutdowns. I would try to provide a recording of the sound but my phone unfortunately can't pick it up.

My big question is - is this something potentially dangerous (either for my components or as a potential fire hazard), or is this nothing to worry about?


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By shutting off at the switch, are yo referring to the wall socket or the rocker switch behind the PSU? See if the noise/coil whine is present when the wall socket is turned off as well.

You might want to see if the buzzing takes places at your neighbor or friend's house. If the issue is present in your crib regardless of which room you plug into, I think you might need to call over a certified electrician to scope out your wiring.

You shouldn't be hearing that noise at the IEC connector's end, you should bring Seasonic and your seller up to speed on this matter in case this is necessary evidence for an RMA.
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Mar 7, 2021
Thanks for jumping on this so quickly.

I'm referring to the rocker switch on the back of the PSU when I say that I turned it off at the switch. The only thing that stops the buzzing is unplugging the PSU power cord.

I've gotten in touch with Seasonic support beforehand and they mentioned the possibility of dirty power, but I haven't had the chance to try it at someone else's place yet.

Even if I had dirty power, I don't see how power could be going through the PSU if the circuit is open because of the rocker switch.

I'm planning to RMA it through my seller as soon as I get the chance (I bought it in another country, going back there in a few weeks). Do you think it's safe to continue using the PSU until then?