PSU Cable is very sensitive


Dec 24, 2016
Hello, I have an EVGA 430W 80 plus psu for about a month and by the time I bought it, it has a problem with the cable which powers it up. The problem is that if I move it a little bit, my pc shuts down. Also it's unable to plug in correctly and when I plug it or unplug it I hear some beeps coming from the psu. I sent an e-mail to EVGA and they told me to register the product and then they will send me a new cable without informing me about if I will pay, how much will I pay or how long will it take to get it. I also gave a call to the shop where I bought it and they told me that I'll have to pay for the transport fee. So I want to check if it's the cable problem or the psu problem. Can I test the cable to another evga psu? (e.g EVGA 700 Supernova G2)

Thank you