PSU Chord ruined?


May 15, 2012
After resolving some complications with my power supply, I realized that the PCI-Express chord that is connected to the PSU is cracked around the 6 pronged part.

They story...

So I turned my computer on (external test) with a flat head and hit too many pins (I'm assuming). So I burned my chord from the PCI-E chord that was connected to my Video card (I threw the chord out).

My video card looks fine and did not take any damage(hopefully)

Should I buy a new PSU because the PCI-E chord is cracked or should I buy another PCI-E wire and try hooking it up to my PSU and Video Card?

.... I have recedntly connected most wires to the mobo, and eveyrthing works on it (fans spin for like 5 seconds. Stops, then spins) , which repeats.